Destiny saved his life, destroyed his future : Corona Chronicle #037

He looked at his mother and said that he will be back in two minutes.

He wanted to use the washroom and since they were on the move, he had to go to the corner of the road.

They were in an auto rickshaw.

They were going from Jhajjar in Haryana to Darbhanga in Bihar.

They had no idea that a bird of doom was just above their heads when they had left for their journey.

The fuel in the rickshaw was also finished and his father came out of the rickshaw to fill it up while he went to the washroom.

They had stopped for this near Unnao on the Agra Expressway.

Just when his father got out of the rickshaw to fill up the tank, a loader truck came in full speed and ran over the rickshaw.

His mother and father died on the spot but he was unaware of it as he was a little far away from there.

When he came back, he saw his the rickshaw crumbled and crushed, he started looking for his parents.

However, his fate had taken the worse turn it ever could.

He realised that his parents had died and he sat there crying for hours before someone came to his help.

He still did not want to leave their side even though their blood was splashed all over the road.

He could not believe and understand what had happened with him and just the thought was making him shiver.

He already cried so much that he was unable to breathe properly and was pleading God to take him to where He took his parents.

A passerby saw the mishap and immediately called the police.

He was in no condition to speak but the police identified the bodies with the help of their Aadhar Cards and the license plate.

His family members have been contacted in their hometown and were told about the tragedy.

They were in disbelief and depression.

A case has been registered and the police is trying to find the driver responsible for the accident.

CM Uttar Pradesh has issued an ex-gracia of Rs. 2 lakh each for this accident.

His father’s name was Ashok Choudhury and his mother’s name was Chotti.

His name was Krishna and he was just 6 years old.

The trauma and tragedy the six year old might have faced cannot be imagined.

Destiny saved his life, destroyed his future.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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