A Small Virus Had Turned Humans Into Demons: Corona Chronicle #044

She was not feeling well and told her husband about it in November 2019.

He thought that they should go to Delhi for better medical facilities.

They basically belonged to Amritsar. When they came to Delhi, she was being treated.

They lived  near Jaitpur Police station in Delhi.

After a while, the corona pandemic hit the country.

When this happened, the treatment was stopped and she passed away on 17th May 2020.

He was in a shock and feeling impotent.

He had to now perform the last rites for his beloved wife.

He went to his neighbour with tears rolling down his cheek.

When the neighbours heard, they straight away declined from helping him.

His tragedy seemed bigger than his loss.

He wanted to give a shoulder to his wife’s ‘arthi’ till the crematorium.

The neighbours were not helping and even telling him not to go for the last rites of his own wife.

The neighbours feared that the lady died of Corona virus which was not true.

She died of some other ailment, yet she was laying dead on the floor with no one to perform last rites.

When he tried everything and found no positive outcome, he went to the police station near by.

When the police heard about his tragic loss, their conscience told them they had to help him.

The police officials asked him to them home. When they came back, the police officials gave shoulder to his wife’s ‘arthi’ and helped him in the cremation.

The good part is always being highlighted but the bad parts are hidden.

The bad part about this story is the loss of humanity in people, the loss of sensitivity towards matters like deaths and ailments.

She was 62 years old.

A small virus had turned humans into demons.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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