When A Father Denied His Supreme Right : Corona Chronicle #012

A man was hospitalised in a private hospital in Bhopal after he suffered a paralytic attack earlier in April who was a Shujalpur resident.

He was later tested positive for coronavirus on April 14th and was shifted to Chirayu hospital, Madhya Pradesh’s designated corona isolation facility where he passed away on April 20th.

The body was kept in mortuary, hospital said they would hand over the body to the family as soon as they arrived. Tehsildar Gulab Singh Bhagel, took volunteered to perform the last rites of the man.

We all think this is a story of another corona warrior fulfilling their duty but it has another side to it.

The son of the deceased reached Bhopal with his mother and brother in law and they were told that they could do the cremation in Bhopal but with full precautions but to their surprise, the family refused to accept the body.

They were even told that they would not have to go near the body and maintain a 3-meter distance according to the rules but the fear of catching the virus in them was so high that they refused to perform the last rites.

When the Tehsildar lit the funeral pyre, the family stood in a corner while the Tehsildar mourned for the man.

According to the Indian culture, a father has a right to be cremated by his son but when a son denied his father from the right, who is the culprit?

The time or the weak personalities?

– Tanisha Agrawal

Disclaimer: Based on true events

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