A Son With The Toughest Shoulder To Carry Father: Corona Chronicle #011

He was carrying his old father on his shoulders and was struggling with the weight but was determined to reach home safely with his parents.

He was a native of Kulathupuzha and his father is 65 years old. His father was ill and he admitted him in the hospital.

After the discharge from Punalur Taluk Hospital, he was taking his father back home in the rickshaw when he was stopped by police due to the coronavirus lockdown.

He says he showed the documents to the police officers but they were still not allowing him to go any further.

On the contrary, the police say that there was no patient in rickshaw when they stopped him. He went back to the hospital which was 200 meters and brought his father oh his shoulders.

Though there is a strong possibility that the police stopped him when he was going to pick up his father who was discharged after a long fight with illness and thus he had no other choice but to go to the hospital walking, pick up his father and walk back home with him on his shoulders.

His mother was also running behind her son with a bag full of prescriptions, hospital documents and even other items.

These people are not only victims of diseases but also victims of the systems that doesn’t treat people right.

The child that once slept on his father’s shoulder is now carrying his father home on his shoulders.

– Tanisha Agrawal

Disclaimer: Based on true events

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