True warriors fight against all odds, they don’t give up : Corona Chronicle #110

They were not keeping well.

They were feeling feverish and both of them were having cold too.

They were very fearful of the Coronavirus.

They lived away from their children and their families but they still visited them frequently to keep a check.

They feared that they would transmit the disease to their children and the issues would keep on increasing.

When one of their son came to their house that day, they were not opening the front door.

Frantically, he went to the windows to see what happened.

He was disturbed when he saw his parents’ dead bodies on the floor.

He broke the door down and found a suicide note his mother wrote.

He was completely devastated and called the rest of the family.

The suicide note said how they were scared and to protect their children they took such a bizarre step.

He informed the police when he finally could understand things and they suspect that the couple consumed pesticide.

Its not sure yet whether the couple took a COVID-19 test before committing suicides.

The fear of the virus that has been spread by the social media, news channels and other media has started influencing people and pushing them to take such horrendous steps.

Even advertising by the government has been spreading psycho-fear in the masses.

It is true that every parent wants to keep their children safe and secure but the example they set for their children and grandchildren is not very healthy.

The end to a problem is not suicide, the end to a problem is to resolve it by fighting whatever comes in the way.

True warriors fight against all odds, they don’t give up.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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