The ‘Shaktis’ Of Dead Father: Corona Chronicle #001

They were looking at their father’s dead body laying there on the ground outside their dilapidated rental house.

Their father was a tuberculosis patient which was diagnosed almost 6 months ago.

He passed away because no doctors were available to check on him and prescribe further medication due to the Corona outbreak.

With tears rolling down their eyes, the five girls were on a mission to find people to carry the ‘arthi’ of their father to the crematorium.

They went to every door, every lane and every place they could but to no avail.

They begged and pleaded at every door for people to help them but no one was there for them under the excuse of the lockdown.

The girls came back home disappointed and looked at their father’s dead body again.

The oldest sister decided and told her younger sisters that they are going to perform the last rites that their father deserved.

They carried their father’s dead body to the crematorium which was almost 2 km far on their shoulders.

Their shoulders were weak for sure but their courage and love for their father was at the peak and proved that they’re no longer just ‘Annpoorna’ but ‘Shakti’.

– Tanisha Agrawal

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

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