Doctors Are No More Engels Of God! Yes, It’s True!! : Corona Chronicle #24

He saw his mother was behaving a little different.

Before he could do anything, he understood that his mother was having a cardiac arrest.

She was already at S N Hospital in Agra and her son was making a desperate effort to comfort her and save her from death.

His mother was shifted to an isolation ward and no hospital staff had visited her since then.

Even though she had a cardiac arrest, no hospital staff came to visit her and treat her.

He was taking desperate steps to save his mother, he was pumping her chest to make breathing easier for her but it was not helping.

For almost 8 hours, this aged lady was battling for her life and her son somehow wanted to save her but to their disappointment, she passed away.

We see how strong the lady was to survive a cardiac arrest for 8 hours but the negligence of the system should be taken care of.

On one hand, we way say doctors are angels of God but they failed to save a part of God called Mother.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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