Serving humanity comes before any tradition: Corona Chronicle #043

The national flag of India were flaring high over the stalls.

They had told their chefs to go home when the nationwide lockdown was announced.

The restaurant was anyway going to closed too.

Lucknow is famous for its lip smacking biryani all over the world.

‘Wahid Biryani’ is one of the most famous and one of the oldest restaurant in Lucknow.

When they saw the condition of the country, they decided to do whatever was possible for them.

‘Wahid Biryani’ has seven outlets in Lucknow.

They are serving vegetarian food to the migrant workers passing through the city while going to their hometowns.

They are feeding over 1500 migrant workers everyday for more than one week.

Now, the chefs were not there so the owner and his family members were in the kitchen making food.

The family was observing rozas but still cooking and serving food to the migrants on the city’s outskirts.

To make distribution easy for them, they have set up stalls with the tricolour flag over them high in the sky.

They are going to serve food even after Eid with all their heart and soul.

Every day 60 kg of biryani is made at one place and then delivered to four spots.

The platters they’re making contains potato or paneer sabzi, fruits, juice, biscuits and water bottles.

The name of the owner is Abid Ali. His grandfather started the business on a cart in Chowk in 1955.

When Abid’s father took over, he gave the business the brand name as it is today.

This restaurant never made vegetarian biryani in 65 years but the condition of the migrant workers made them bend their tradition.

Serving humanity comes before any tradition

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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