He pulled his destination closer with a strong will : Corona Chronicle #032

He was starting to feel tired and he thought of taking rest.

He was a migrant worker in Hyderabad but was a resident of Balaghat, Madhya Pradesh.

The distance between both the places was almost 800 kilometres.

The distance was not his concern but his small baby girl and his wife was.

Initially, when they had started their journey, he took his daughter in his arms and started walking with his wife by his side.

After a little while, his arms started to ache and he needed rest and so did his wife but the journey had just begun.

He had an idea and he desperately started searching for pieces of wood and bamboo.

He collected these and came back to where he left his wife and daughter.

His wife was continuously asking about what his plan was.

He was so engrossed in making this work that he did not even hear her questions.

After a while, he had a nice cart made out of the wood and bamboo he had.

He asked his wife to sit on the cart with their daughter and he started pulling the cart.

He walked for 17 days continuously and reached Rajegaon.

On the border, some soldiers saw them coming that way and started enquiring him.

He told them the whole whole story when one of the soldier saw the daughter.

He saw that she did not even have a pair of slippers for her tiny little legs.

Looking at her, he felt as if she was his own daughter.

He brought a pair of slippers and a packet of biscuit for her.

She hesitated to take it from his hand at first but when she took it, her face brightened up.

They looked at the condition of the family and made arrangements for a private vehicle to ferry them to their destination.

The name of the worker is Ramu.

The worse part is that his wife was 8 months pregnant.

In spite of pleading and begging, they weren’t provided the facility for going home.

A strong will gets the destination closer.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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