Noble deeds are always the selfless ones : Corona Chronicle #066

Her father was watching the news while she was finishing her homework.

The plight of the migrant workers is all over the internet and news.

That really caught her, the situations of the daily wagers disturbed her to the core.

She went to her room and came back to the dining table with her piggy bank.

She asked her mother if she can break it open to collect her savings and see how much she has.

Her mother was surprised as she has been saving the money for over 2 years.

Her mother asked why she wants to do that, she had tears in her eyes and said that she wanted to help the poor people because she had the resources to.

She wanted to donate the money to those who were in real need.

She saw people arranging for airplanes for people stuck in the nationwide lockdown to go back home.

She started thinking if they could do the same.

Her parents were moved and motivated by her selflessness and decided to give her big heart a boost.

Her father is an advisor to Chattisgarh government and he contacted the officials who helped them with their mission.

Three migrant workers were stranded in a city and wanted to go back home.

One of the worker was a cancer patient.

They booked flight tickets for the migrant workers to go back home safely. 

Her name is Niharika Dwivedi.

She had a saving of Rupeee 48,000 and donated the whole amount for people who needed it more than her.

Noble deeds are always the selfless ones.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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