Mental health issues are more grievous in the jails than outer world : Corona Chronicle #067

They were already in jail when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world.

They were given parole as a part of getting the jails empty.

On 6th June, they were again arrested in a snatching case in Sector 7.

They were kept in the isolation lockup as a precautionary measure.

They were supposed to be there for 14 days before being shifted to the normal blocks.

They spent the night in the isolation lockup.

The next day when the daily counting parade was conducted, they found that 2 inmates were absent.

The jail officials took up the task to find them and when they reached their isolation cell, they found them with the noose tight around their necks.

They both committed suicide in the isolation lock up.

They used bedsheets as a rope and took hanging on the ventilator window iron grills.

Their bodies have been handed over to Ambala police for further investigation.

The doctor of the jail said that they had no psychological issues.

Their families are in utter shock after their suicides.

Their names are Ram Dass who was 35 years old and Sunil Kumar who was 34 years old.

Sunil had 2 criminal cases against him.

He was convicted in a murder case and under trial for the snatching case.

Ram Dass had 10 criminal cases against him for theft and snatching.

He was convicted in one theft case.

The post mortems are still pending and the bodies will be handed over to the families for last rites only after that.

Mental health issues are more grievous in the jails than outer world.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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