A marriage is not togetherness of two people rather a festival of the whole society: Corona Chronicle #072

She wore her beautiful white wedding gown and he wore his tuxedo.

They were going to get married but their marriage had a twist.

Instead of going to the church, they went to the hospital in Palghar.

There were around 22 people who came to attend their wedding.

They wore masks and even maintained social distancing.

They came to the hospital because they had contributed their bit in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

They donated 50 beds and oxygen cylinders to a COVID-19 facility.

When the pandemic hit, it shook the world to it’s very core.

When they decided that they want to get married, they just wanted to do something for the people.

So, they contacted the local MLA and shared their idea which was appreciated a lot.

They even approached a fabricator for a good deal of mattresses, blankets, pillows, bedsheets and other material.

They took care of every thing by themselves.

They had a small marriage ceremony after which they inaugurated the healthcare facility.

He thought that instead of a typical Christian wedding which would approximately have 2,000 guests and the food and wine which comes at a big price, they could use it for a better cause.

So, they planned to celebrate their wedding this way.

His name is Eric Anton Lobo who is 28 and his new bride is Merlin who is 27.

A marriage is not togetherness of two people rather a festival of the whole society.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

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