Keep Mother Earth Happy, In Return, She Will Keep You Happy: Corona Chronicle #036

During this quarantine we have all been sitting inside our houses.

The fear of corona has bolted every person inside.

We have been cursing corona and some of the other are enjoying the time home.

The ones that are victims of corona are going through a hard time.

Our doctors, our nurses, our police officials have been on their duty with that bravery no one ever witnessed before.

The mother earth, however, is the happiest of all.

She is getting time for herself, with the nature she created.

The Siberian Flamingos that migrate to India every year are here in a huge number this time.

The Flamingos were wondering what has happened to the audience that always comes to see them.

 Rahul Khot, the assistant director at the Bombay Natural History Society said that flamingos are rare in wetlands but that seems to have changed this year.

The typical time of migration of these beautiful birds is from September to May.

However, the birds seem to have lost track of time and have arrived earlier this year.

The residents say that the flamingos are in large numbers and they are relaxing around the mudflats of Thane Creek.

The experts believe that the flamingos are enjoying being left alone by the people and have an opportunity to fly around and more access to food.

There has been a 25% increase in the number of flamingos compared to last year.

Mumbai experienced the best air quality “on record” in March.

Even though we have done this unintentionally, the results have shocked the whole world.

The pink patch we see looks like it is an aerial photograph of the flamingos having fun but it actually is something else.

The pink patch is the algae that grows in water.

The water is so clear and so pure that they algae can be seen so properly.

A kid asked a question that are the flamingos pink in colour because they eat the algae.

The answer is actually yes because the flamingos get their pink colour because they feed on the algae.

When the flamingos are young and feed on the algae, they get this pink colour slowly as they grow up.

The kid was astonished like the residents are seeing the amount of flamingos in their areas.

Keep Mother Earth happy, in return, she will keep you happy!

Disclaimer: Based on true events. – Tanisha Agrawal

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