Can Cure Corona, Not Poverty: Corona Chronicle #010

Mukesh’s family was hungry and he was ashamed of himself because he couldn’t get money to feed them. His family consisted of his parents, hid wife and four children.

The last option he had was to sell his phone for money because he was daily wage earner.

After a lot of hard work, he found a buyer and earned 2500 in exchange of his phone.

He bought sugar, flour, rice and a table fan so that his family had some comfort. He handed over the balance amount to his wife.

His wife was sitting under a neem tree with her children and Mukesh went inside the house with his head hung low. All he could think of was his family who had nothing.

Mukesh started having issues when he was not getting regular work for painting houses which was his main work, so he started doing whatever he could for earning daily wages for his family.

The family ran out of whatever little savings they had and they were under debt. There was going to be a provider for free food in the area but the government did not go through with it and now they are trying to work and fix it so that more people are not forced to take such a step.

Poonam, his wife came inside the tin hutment and saw his husband hanging to the ceiling with a noose, she did not even have the strength to shed one tear for her husband.

To add to the misery of the woman, the money left from the phone sale wasn’t enough for his last rites and his neighbours helped his wife by pooling in money for the same.

There might be a cure for Corona but there’s none for poverty.

– Tanisha Agrawal

Disclaimer: Based on true events

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