A ghostly black world exists behind the ‘silver screen’ : Corona Chronicle #39

He had just made ‘chutney’ for dinner and was looking very normal.

He went inside the room and locked himself from within.

His wife thought, he went to the washroom.

After a while, she heard a thud from the room and ran towards to it.

She found it locked and somehow opened it.

She saw her husband hanging from the fan with the help of a dupatta noose he had made already.

He started screaming loudly as she could not think of anything else.

She held him from his legs and she understood he was still breathing.

She was struggling to get him down somehow and revive him.

Because of her shouting, her neighbour who was her friend came running and she tried to help too but they weren’t successful.

There was a whole crowd outside the door but due to the fear of coronavirus, they simply wouldn’t touch him.

They thought that he had corona and that’s why he has hung himself.

His wife kept on begging and pleading to help them but no one came forward.

The houses in Mumbai are not so big, he had kept a chair on the bed and hung himself.

The worse part is that everyone was busy making videos of him hanging instead of helping the woman.

A person who wasn’t in the crowd earlier and heard of the incident later came running and cut the dupatta and took him down.

The ambulance was called to help them too but it arrived only after 2 and a half hours.

The doctor who came also refused to touch him.

The doctor asked his wife to pump his chest with both her hands.

They believed that if someone came forward and showed even a pinch of humanity, he would be alive.

His name is Manmeet Grewal.

He was a TV Actor and was just 32 years old.

He was having some financial difficulties and was under debts.

He was not able to earn and the projects he was working on were on stand by due to the nationwide lockdown.

He was depressed but he used to portray like he’s fine but the drastic action, says otherwise.

His wife is completely shocked and devastated.

A ghostly black world exists behind the ‘silver screen’.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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