Even the smallest things can help those in dire need : Corona Chronicle #064

He was working for some of the migrant workers who are travelling home due to the nationwide lockdown.

His own financial stability was not very good.

He was a coolie at Charbagh Station in Lucknow.

He saw some tired migrant workers carrying their bags which were heavy and felt his heart melt.

He knew that he did not have money to help the workers financially.

His idea was to help the weary migrants by sharing their ‘burden’.

He helps the migrant workers to carry their luggage for free.

He also helps in distributing food and water to the migrants who board the ‘Shramik Special’ train.

He works for almost 10 hours a day and walks for atleast 6 kilometres for helping his fellow sufferers everyday.

He thinks that his contribution is not that great but he is doing whatever he can to help.

He also feels what he is facing is nothing compared to the plight of the poor migrants.

His name is Mujibullah and is 80 years old.

We all see the conditions of the poor migrant workers.

Their plight has never been worse.

Even the smallest things can help those in dire need.

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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