Humanity is the biggest call of duty : Corona Chronicle #013

A poor lady from Trichi, Tamil Nadu started having labor pains. The husband calls for a government ambulance and takes his wife to the hospital almost 7 km away.

When they reach the hospital, they are told the baby will be delivered by C-section and they will need a unit of blood because there will be some difficulties in delivering the baby.

Hearing this, the couple decided to go back home so that they can call up some relative to help them with blood. Due to the lockdown, no vehicle was available to them and the couple was walking towards their house when a police constable stopped him and called them closer to him.

He heard the problem and the first thing he did was to arrange for some food and then got busy in finding a taxi.

While talking to the couple, the constable got to know what the real problem was and asked the lady what her blood group is and to his relief, his blood group matched with the lady and he told her that he will provide his blood for her.

After this, he took the couple with him to the hospital and donated the blood.

After the operation, the baby was born healthy and even the lady was healthy.

The main twist of the story is yet to come, the SP of Trichi gave the constable a reward of Rs. 1,000 and the DGP of Tamil Nadu rewarded him with Rs. 10,000.

The whole amount that this 23-year-old constable was rewarded with was Rs. 11,000 and he went and gave the amount to the lady.

Last but not the least, the lady’s name is Sulochana and the name of the constable is Abu Tahir.

Humanity is the biggest call of duty!

– Tanisha Agrawal

Disclaimer: Based on true events

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