Equal world for unequals : Corona Chronicle #115

They were facing so many issues while the COVID-19 pandemic still reigned the world.

Transgenders did not feel safe going to the normal wards as people would pick up fights with them and even abuse them.

In Telangana and West Bengal, the government hospitals have made separate wards for the transgender community who are diagnosed or are to be tested for the infection.

A founding member of Telangana Hijra, Intersex and Transgender Samiti filed a Public Interest Litigation for the creation of separate wards.

They waited for a few days and victory finally knocked their doors.

The state government was directed by Telangana High Court to make sure that the community gets free medical aid in hospitals if they are infected with COVID-19. 

The transgenders who dont have medical facilities will be given medicines sponsored by the state too.

Following the amazing step of Telangana and West Bengal, some more states have requested for separate wards for transgenders in government hospitals.

A transwoman who was tested positive for COVID-19 was admitted in a separate ward in Kolkata’s MR Bangur Hospital.

Equal world for unequals!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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