The improper goodbye : Corona Chronicle #114

The video was going viral all around the world.

The video was of the crematorium of Hyderabad’s ESI hospital.

More than 50 bodies were being cremated together and all of them had died due to coronavirus.

The outrage when people saw the video was terrible and people were blaming the state officials for manipulation and malpractice.

Congress MLA Seethakka tweeted the video of the same and said that the government is providing wrong data to hide their incapacity in controlling the virus.

The statistics shown gor that day said that there were 7 deaths due to the virus.

When this issue was addressed to the government, Telangana Director of Medical Education, Dr. K Ramesh Reddy said that it was due to “lack of transportation” and some bodies were from one of two days before.

This was rather shocking and not the justification to cremate 50 COVID-19 deaths together.

The improper goodbye!

Disclaimer: Based on true events.

– Tanisha Agrawal

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